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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Before.During.After.The arrival of Oliver...

You may remember this...

Well, on September 21st at 10:50am Oliver came into this world after an amazing 9 minutes of pushing by his ALWAYS gorgeous mommy.
I had the honor of being there as he was born. It was one of the best moments in recent history for me. I have delivered three of my own, but to be there and and take all of it in without being the one doing the real work was inexplicable. I had an unbelievable perspective. I also now think that if I wasn't raising my own children and keeping up with my photography, I would have to be a delivery room nurse. What an awesome thing to experience day in and day out. How you cannot believe in a Creator God after having seen that is beyond me. 

April and Alex's families were terrific. The doctor and nurses were great. The day was in a word...BEAUTIFUL.

Thanks for asking me to capture these unforgettable moments. I treasure the experience.

And finally, here is Oliver at 3 days old. We shot these at the Kolb's and the usual joy and excitement joined us. These speak for themselves. I hope to photograph this family as they grow for years to come.

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