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Wednesday, March 31, 2010



The sun FINALLY came out and stayed out as you can tell from these images taken just this evening. We did fight the sun, wind and some shadows, but I think we got some great shots during this "mini-session". This adorable family was super easy to photograph and even went home with some wet and sandy backsides all for the sake of a photo shoot. I am not used to fighting the sun glare off the ocean, so I waaay over shot and found some great ones, especially towards the end as the sun sank a bit...hope you guys love these and enjoy what is left of your Spring Break!

Thanks so much for spending a windy Southwest Florida evening with me!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Twenty ten MHS Softball

This is the 2010 MHS Varsity softball team, featuring this year's graduating senior class: Brittany Maurer, Lindsay Daniel, Aerial Clark, and Hali Hopwood. For more images please go to my website at and click "proofing"...password is MHSSOFTBALL

Friday, March 12, 2010

To Laney....

Small snip-it from my email to Laneythis month...

"Since you are my "baby" I have tried to soak up all the moments I can with you. You still let me cuddle you, sing to you and generally love to be swarmed with kisses. You still cry for daddy sometimes during the day (especially after you get into trouble). You are VERY busy making messes, exploring, and generally being a 2 year-old. You do however think you are old enough to do everything your brother and sister do. You are somewhat bossy and VERY determined. We are already seeing signs of athleticism as well. You know all your numbers 1-10 and all your colors. I am sure you will be successful if for no other reason than you tend to always get your way. We have been stopped many times so strangers can "ooh and ahhh" at your cuteness, but you seem to love every second of the attention. I am both anxious and leary of what you will be like as a teenager since we get glimpses of it almost every day.

I love you so much and am thankful to be your mommy!"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

9 years and the Smokies

Kraig and I celebrated our 9th anniversary in Sevierville [suh-vEEr-vul], TN. It's basically Pigeon Forge/Gatlinberg area. Though there is much to do and see, we have decided once may be enough for us. We are more beachy, sporty vacationers. We did hike some, shop some, and even went to a local show. It was great to just spend the weekend together without the kids (our first time away for more than one night). I am ready to go home now, see my kids and countdown til Spring Break! Here are a few shots from this weekend....

This is one of the MANY reasons we will not be bringing our children on a trip like this with us.... you remember Nolan on the roof right?


 I am sure the fall is gorgeous here. But the starkness of the mountain allowed us to quite a bit more detail.


 You can imagine the phone we had reading this sign. Especially considering how Kraig's stomach was feeling on the way down.
We got Pap some black Liquorish jelly beans. They are his favorite.
We considered bringing a "Sundae on a stick" home to the kids. We decided against it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Engerland Lincolns"...

Kraig and I have set up email accounts for each of our children with the goal of sending them each something 2-3 times a month for them to have when they are grown. This is a small portion of the email I sent to Nolan today. I thought it was worth sharing.  I think it is important and hilarious to record these memories and pass them on.

"You also learned about Abraham Lincoln around President's Day. You made a black hat out of construction paper and a white beard out of a paper plate. The two were attached to make a disguise to look like President Lincoln. When you got in the van and put it on, I asked "who are you supposed to be?"  To which you promptly replied, "Engerland Lincoln's!" I love you Nolan. I love your imagination, your humor and your dimples. You make me smile each day without fail. And for that (and endless other reasons) I am grateful to God for you."

There is nothing I love more than being behind a camera capturing life’s moments - wonderful, funny, messy, precious, indescribable, irreplaceable,memorable moments.