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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mrz. Ashley. BrownsburgSenior.2010.

Meet Ashley. What you rarely see....a NATURAL beauty. Isn't she gorgeous? We met over near her home in Brownsburg and went to an adorable little park and then just roamed around a bit....Some of the ones I love the most I am saving for her gallery! Here are JUST a few...the rest will be finished tomorrow night in her gallery! Congrats Ash-hope to see you again VERY soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010


This is our family on Kraig's side....they were dressed quite well and we had beautiful weather to shoot in! Dave and Joyce have 3 sons, 2 of which are married now and a grandson. Eric and Tiffany just returned from a year of living in Taiwan and we are all really excited to have them back safe and sound. Logan is quite entertaining, but behaved pretty well to get the all the session in. And Chris and Sam's little guy, Landen was quite the entertainer as well.

Hope you like them guys!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Coming soon...

Here are just a few....last day at the beach and I wanted to post just a couple to hold the Mayes fam over until I get a chance to proof the rest of the shoot. Have a great last beach day...hope to get the rest up in a few days!

Thanks again....gorgeous day to shoot a Senior session AND at the beach...who else from central Indiana can say that?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's Thursday. Wish it was Monday again. I get freaked out about coming home from a Florida about 2 days after we get here. It never fails. The dread overcomes me. I keep trying to reassure myself I STILL have 6 days left. 5 days left. 3 days left. Then, inevitably, it's here the day of departure. ERRRRR!

But, it's okay. I still have 2 "beach days" left. And forecasted to be gorgeous days at that. I am bummed the first 2 were a little too cold and windy to get out and that really intensifies my anxiety as the elements have cut down my days....Oh yeah...2 "good days" left....then when we return it's SUPPOSED to be nice, mild even.

Alright. Here they are. The shots I try to get every time we come down....a 10 minute session with the kids on the beach. They were hungry after waiting for me to finish up another shoot and the sun was sinking FAST. So these are what we got. A little on the "warm" side with some shadows I couldn't contend with while chasing them up and back down the beach. So much for "perfect" lighting and framing.

There is nothing I love more than being behind a camera capturing life’s moments - wonderful, funny, messy, precious, indescribable, irreplaceable,memorable moments.