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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Indianapolis Photographer / My "slow" time

            Indianapolis Photographer- Suni Danielle Photography

        As it goes with most of us photographers in the midwest and regions to the north, the winter is SUPPOSED to be our slow time. Our time to catch up on all the equipment cleanings, updating websites, streamlining business models, updating branding and client documents and such. I always look forward to having a break after the grueling shooting hours of fall here in Indiana. 
            The holidays FLEW by yet again. January is usually when I lock myself in a few days a week and prepare for the upcoming year and for the thaw that will inevitably come, turning the crickets in my inbox to chirps of clients wanting to book their spring and summer sessions. So it was for a few days this winter. However now, I am taking advantage of my studio to do some studio sessions with a few kiddos and new babes. I also have kept busy with some new commercial contracts and my ongoing work with Center for Global Impact as they've put out some new items in the last week. 
            I was just about to put out some openings in March and April when I received a call from an "old friend" to fly to Phoenix this late winter. OOOoook. Twist my arm. I will go. I LOVE not only working for this amazing company, but getting away from the dreary winter days to much warmer temps and amazing Arizona sunsets (mixed in with a few spring training games) is good for the soul!
         So I am leaving on a jet plane a few times this late winter and early spring for some work/play dates and I will do my best to keep you all abreast of my upcoming shoots and behind the scenes adventures as I state hop. I am beyond blessed that God has allowed me so many different opportunities to turn the gifts He's given me into not only support for my family, but adventures I might not otherwise experience! 

         Here's a handful of new items offered at CGI (byTavi) and also some of the beautiful faces of the ladies of BookSparks team (2014) who I will be visiting in just a few short weeks.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gregory/Lemon Nuptials

                 Cordon's father is my husband's God father and we have known Sarah for quite a few years through working in our church's youth ministry. We have had the privilege of watching Cordon grow into the extraordinary young man he is is today. And having watched he and Sarah fall deeper in love with each other and the Lord in our home during LifeGroups has been adorable and wonderful. They are truly picture perfect as was their day! 
                Though the weather wasn't snowy and white the way Sarah dreamed it would be, the January cold and fog gave us a romantic and moody feel as a backdrop to the day. It doesn't hurt matters that these two ooze love and admiration for one another. Their wedding party was up for anything, including slugging through the mud to get some shots in the misty rain the day offered. 
               The ceremony was picture perfect as it was performed by Cordon's grandfather and witness by hundreds in the 6,400 square foot Barn at Milkhouse lane. The beautiful working farm sits on dozens of acres of rolling farmland just 20 minutes south of Indianapolis and offers endless opportunities for unique images. Guests were greeted with hot beverages and antique quilts loaned from friends and family. Many unique touches made their long awaited day a memorable event! 
               I am forever blessed to have been asked to capture your special day Cordon and Sarah and cannot wait to see how God uses you two! Another successful Suni Danielle Photography couple. Gorgeous. Congratulations Gregory's! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

No excuses

      To say that I have neglected this blog would be a major understatement. If my blog were a child I would have been visited by CPS and had it taken away from me. I have no excuses. I simply did not blog (at all) in 2014. And for this major oversight, neglect and ignorance, I am sorry. I will right this wrong.
     2015 is being ushered in by new dreams and goals for my business. I am streamlining not only the type of sessions I will take on, but also the quantity. I intend to improve on quality, style and my overall technical skill. Communicating with my clients is going to be a major point of emphasis as well. I will spend much more time before, during and after a session making sure the client is given the utmost in service and final product. With this emphasis and intention, I have had to adjust my pricing. That did not necessarily translate to "higher" prices as much as valuing the time I will be putting into each gallery with each and every client. I will offer more options as far as purchasing digital negatives as well as continuing to offer high quality, print house images and products that my clients have come to know and expect. I have added a new line of wedding albums to my collection that are of the highest quality and I will be offering those to my limited wedding clientele.
    I have purchased brand new equipment such as a new camera, lenses, newborn accessories and even a hand crafted in studio backdrop that is pictured below. We have finished out our in-home studio and I am beyond excited about how it turned out. I hope to fill it with more accessories, but more than that, more memories of squishy newborns, celebrated 1st birthday shoots,  and occasional commercial shoots with some of my favorite vendors.
    Please remain patient with my posts, as I am transitioning during this "slow season" and plan on keeping my clients and friends updated on SDP changes, special opportunities and wonderful behind the scenes of all my upcoming sessions!
    Below are some images of my updated (and always changing studio setup). I share my 1000sqft space with my kids. They have a homework space and tv area. It works out well as I typically shoot when they're at school. My grandfather and mother made my new backdrop and it changes from off white to dark stained wood. I haven't used it yet. So stay tuned for my first shoot next week on it!

There is nothing I love more than being behind a camera capturing life’s moments - wonderful, funny, messy, precious, indescribable, irreplaceable,memorable moments.