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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So-called "flurry"

So I know I told you I'd be blogging more. I lied. I had good intentions. I really did. But summer is busy and fun and a bit of a blur at this point.

Here's a few reasons it's been fun and busy...

Baby "E" was born....

 The Allen's are expecting a new addition as well as Cole growing like a weed!

There's been family shoots like no other.

Some of my favorite tiny people brought along some more of their family...

Another new little one joined the world...Congrats to the Singletary family....

And of course there was a wedding or two...Here's one from June. 

Congrats to the Flora's.  A gorgeous couple with one of the best wedding parties I have EVER worked with!

The Brook's family is celebrating their little man turning one year. And they're planning there upcoming wedding! Stay tuned for that.

One of my favorite people in the WHOLE WORLD brought her family to the farm for a few days and we were able to capture some pretty great moments. Rocky even came along.

The Shirrell cousins were LONG overdue for a session and so here they are! What a terrifically wonderful, hilarious shoot this was. 

A couple beauties I hadn't seen in a few months also joined me on the farm for a WARM evening shoot. They made it easy with their sassy, sweet smiles. 

And then, most importantly we celebrated love. TRUE, loyal love. This is Roy and Carolyn. They are nearly family. They're grandparents to my cousins. Roy is fighting the good fight against a fierce foe. But no matter what he wins. Because just a few short weeks ago he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was baptized. He is a fireball. He loves his family ferociously and has no excuses about what life has dealt him. He was quoted just a few days ago as saying, "I should've been saved a long time ago!" He's a hero to many. Our prayers are with Carolyn and their family as he stands strong and continues to cherish everyone and everything God has given him.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Long overdue

So for those of you familiar with Mooresville at all, you know we are famous for Gray's Cafeteria, John Dillinger and maybe lesser known, Paul Hadley (designer of Indiana state flag).
I think, sooner rather than later, we will be adding yet another establishment to this list of "well-knowns".
Ralph and Ava's Cafe and Catering

Go. Eat. Enjoy. But if you're not nice, you'll have to go home. (per the sign over the kitchen door).

You WILL go back.
That I  can promise you.

 You'll go back for the pretzel melt (which I hear can change your life. Or at the very least improve it a little). Maybe you'll go back the array of delicious and refreshing wraps or whatever ridiculously scrumptious specials they're running for that day. I'm guessing you'll keep your eye out for "pajama night" so you can wear your pj's and get a discount and eat breakfast for dinner.

But more than that, it's the people. Toni and Paul. Or as I lovingly call him, "Pauly D". If they have one flaw, it's they're die hard Cubs fans. That I can forgive. At least they're not Cardinals fans!

They are the heart and soul of what our town is about. Loyalty. Hospitality. Comfort.

You'll walk in a customer and leave a friend.

picture courtesy of Indianapolis Star &
Sarah Richcreek
Star correspondent

OH! And btw-head over to Urbanspoon and vote, (if you liked it ONLY! Just kidding. Kind of.)
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