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Friday, June 25, 2010


Miss Ava has quite the personality. She is both adorable and sassy. Her momma had her ready to go as soon as she hopped out of the car! She had her smile ready to go, so we had to work on finding natural didn't take long. We hid from the direct sun this morning and got some great shots before the heat of the day made shooting too unbearable.

Thanks Melissa, Ava and Cicily for spending the morning with us at the farm...hope to see you all again soon!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have been friends with the Stewart family for a very long time. I was so excited when Steph texted me that they were available (FINALLY) to do a mini-session day! I have worked with her gorgeous team at KW here in town and was super excited to photograph her adorable kiddos! The curly blonde locks, big blue eyes and fun personalities were loving the camera...

Hope you enjoy the images!

Thanks again guys...Next time let's shoot on a day when it's not 100% humidity...good. :)

Bechtold...Miss Kinsley Bechtold.

I could say a lot about this session. But I am gonna let these images speak for themselves...she is a doll.

From the first shot I knew that we were gonna have a lot of fun!

I hope to do this again soon!


Then there were four.

Bj and Kellie just welcomed their second child Truett Adler Bungard on May 18th...
We waited til June to shoot these family pictures so that he could be part of them. And what a gorgeous bunch they make!

Miss Ava was the obvious star of this session and I was more than happy to accommodate!

With the evening light coming to a quick close and a few dark clouds looming, we moved pretty quickly and tried not to let the humidity get the best of us...

Thanks Bungards! Enjoy...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Where to start?

I have known this family for a long time. I was in Spotlighters with Ryan (sorry to remind you) and went to church with all the other Keller's when they still lived in Mooresville. But the most vivid memory I have is when Kraig and I had JUST started dating (maybe even only a week in), Debbie said to me verbatim, "When are you 2 getting married?" Wow! Good call Deb!

And now her boys are nearly grown and the Keller family is amazing, hilarious, fun-loving, and unique! We had no problem at all getting the "playful, real" moments out of them...especially when there was no hesitation at all for her to kiss her eldest's tat....great stuff!

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

Monday, June 14, 2010


The day was really warming up about the time we started this session. The time spent straightening hair was wasted. But these girls somehow remained completely adorable. I got one of the sweetest shots of the day with grandma and grandpa kissing in front of the 'LOVE' statue. The Allen girls are ALL super photogenic! Thanks guys for going with the flow from the beginning! The family shot at the end I think is priceless!


This session got off to...well, a late start (CORA!) HAha! No big deal...we worked it out. This group was full of energy, laughs and attitude. I think grandma is gonna love them! The little ones were great and Jama wasn't too bad either. I guess waiting for Cora and her new blond tresses was worth it....

Thanks guys...hope you enjoy them!


 This was the first session of the day and we weren't sure we would even get any of them in. The forecast wasn't optimal, but just as 9am rolled around the rain ceased. So I sent a quick text to Nicole that it was a go and we headed for IMA.

To be fair, I had no idea until a few days before the shoots that Saturday was the beginning of the FIFA World Cup. I don't follow all. But Justin does. He was a pretty good sport and Nicole purposefully planned their session first so he could get back to see all the rest of the day's events.

Tait wasn't that pleased to be there either. He is typically super content and easy-going, but maybe he was upset about missing the soccer games too! Either way, we got some great shots and we will try again this fall at the Gregory Orchard.

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Reese is back. And this time he is mobile. He doesn't seem much bigger in mass but he is getting his sea legs and just as cute as ever! Though I didn't have to literally chase him, he was very curious about all his surroundings : bikes, people, people on bikes, rocks, water fountains, etc.

We shot this session at Butler and had gorgeous cool May weather with small peeks of the sun through big puffy clouds that made for great lighting.

Thanks Jeremy and Lindsay for a wonderful afternoon.
There is nothing I love more than being behind a camera capturing life’s moments - wonderful, funny, messy, precious, indescribable, irreplaceable,memorable moments.