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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Kolb's...back and cuter than ever!

The Kolb kids are ALWAYS ready for a photo shoot. Ms Emma has become quite the little model lately. She is obviously photogenic, but she is also full of ideas of what poses and props are best. I got this message from her momma just a few after our shoot...

"Suni, I just had to tell you this...This afternoon after we got home, I caught Emma in her room taking pictures of her dolls! All along singing to the top of her lungs, My name is Suni! My name is Suni! Then I scared her half to death bc she didn't know I was watching!! LOL..."

I love that!

And of course the newest addition, Ollie, is a camera lover as well. He has bright blue eyes and fair skin just like his gorgeous mama. He was full of smiles and cooperated so very well!

Thanks guys for yet another wonderful shoot!



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