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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Engerland Lincolns"...

Kraig and I have set up email accounts for each of our children with the goal of sending them each something 2-3 times a month for them to have when they are grown. This is a small portion of the email I sent to Nolan today. I thought it was worth sharing.  I think it is important and hilarious to record these memories and pass them on.

"You also learned about Abraham Lincoln around President's Day. You made a black hat out of construction paper and a white beard out of a paper plate. The two were attached to make a disguise to look like President Lincoln. When you got in the van and put it on, I asked "who are you supposed to be?"  To which you promptly replied, "Engerland Lincoln's!" I love you Nolan. I love your imagination, your humor and your dimples. You make me smile each day without fail. And for that (and endless other reasons) I am grateful to God for you."

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