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Sunday, March 7, 2010

9 years and the Smokies

Kraig and I celebrated our 9th anniversary in Sevierville [suh-vEEr-vul], TN. It's basically Pigeon Forge/Gatlinberg area. Though there is much to do and see, we have decided once may be enough for us. We are more beachy, sporty vacationers. We did hike some, shop some, and even went to a local show. It was great to just spend the weekend together without the kids (our first time away for more than one night). I am ready to go home now, see my kids and countdown til Spring Break! Here are a few shots from this weekend....

This is one of the MANY reasons we will not be bringing our children on a trip like this with us.... you remember Nolan on the roof right?


 I am sure the fall is gorgeous here. But the starkness of the mountain allowed us to quite a bit more detail.


 You can imagine the phone we had reading this sign. Especially considering how Kraig's stomach was feeling on the way down.
We got Pap some black Liquorish jelly beans. They are his favorite.
We considered bringing a "Sundae on a stick" home to the kids. We decided against it.

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Anonymous said...

There were absolutely no pictures of you!!


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