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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Glitter "Like a Girl"

         Indianapolis Photographer/ Suni Danielle Photography

 I will be the first to admit how annoying Pinterest can be as a photographer. And though this idea didn't originate (for me) from Pinterest, I can see how so many people like it. I do have my own boards I pin to, but I refuse to copy another photographers ideas. I love being inspired by others, but want my style to reflect MY brand.
         Having said that I will admit I saw another photographer a few months back doing glitter/glam sessions with little girls. She was part of a Facebook group I am a part of and I commented how adorable they were and asked her where she was located. I considered driving my girls to her to do them. But she was quite a ways and said "you should do them in your area"! I shrugged it off as kind of a mess to deal with and didn't want to "copy" her idea. She insisted moms here would LOVE them! That was a few months back and as busy as I was, I just couldn't see finding the time to do them.
        As luck would have it, I had a beautiful little gymnasts in the studio for some fun shots in her uniform and saw the glitter out of the corner of my eye in my girls' art space (which is part of my studio). I asked mom if we could try it...and the rest, as they say is sparkly history!!

      30 sessions later I am SO glad I did them. I am not sure my husband would say the same as our home has glitter in places we may never get it out of!

      Here are JUST a handful of my favorites. I may be offering another fun opportunity this summer so keep checking back!

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