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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I've been told...


That is how I should describe my COMPLETE and utter lack of discipline when it comes to blogging.

I will be honest. I have been busy. I could give you a list, but you don't care and if you DO, you probably already know what I have been up to the last 4 months since my last post. Yes, FOUR MONTHS. Ridiculous.

So I have something to ask you...and please if you know ANYTHING about me you know I adore honesty. So goes.

I was asked, more like, TOLD I should change my blog to a broader audience. Sounds ironic and maybe even irresponsible considering that I admitted to months of not blogging. I think maybe a more non-specific blog might make it easier to keep up with. Maybe not. I don't know.

 Not that my business isn't keeping me busy enough. But that's the point. I am told, people might like to read about other "motherly" type things besides my photog business. I have so many amazing friends who's input and "features" I'd like to do. Maybe on their business, advice, etc. you? Want to hear about other non-sensical things?


1. My failed attempts daily to raise independent, kind, loving, giving, funny, athletic, intelligent, biblical scholars that will change the world?!!!!
2. Community service and outreach projects ?
3. Friendship (mostly silly and fun stories about my HYSTERICAL friends)?
4. Gardening (about which I know NOTHING, but I am self-teaching with help from friends who DO know what they're talking about)
5. Cooking (again self-taught, but I LOVE me some good recipes and freezer meal ideas)
6. Crafting (go to pinterest, I steal my ideas from there, so don't waste your time with mine)
7. and last but not least, Photography 101 (again I am 75% self taught, but at least I have some sort of God-given gift or no amount of class or practice would help)



Blast away! please respond to this post with all comments!! thanks in advance:)


Stephanie stewart said...

Suni...the best thing about you is that you keep a full plate and have the best and most positive outlook on life! I would read simply to hear what craziness Nolan is up to now or knowing Delaney and Ellie will be experiencing similar things in the "big school" or how miss macina is rocking it as usual. You are an imperfect perfection and would give Pinterest a run for its money! Spoken like a fellow full plate gal myself!

Suni said...

thanks Steph! We ARE crazy aren't we? I wouldn't want it any other way!
I so appreciate your comments...I'd love any ideas you have on possible specific topics...and maybe consider a feature?

Jenny said...

I like it. I would love to read about other things going on with you. I only get on your blog periodically and read about your shoots, but I'd read more often if it were personal to what is going on with you.

Brenda Faulkner said...

I don't read any blogs, so I don't know if I am qualified to comment on this issue. That being said, I would enjoy potentially reading your blog mostly about what interesting/funny/dramatic things happen while you are taking the beautiful pictures you take. And the stories about those families while that is all happening. Occasionally you could drop in a great recipe or other stuff, but the mostly personal stuff I could probably get off facebook because I am your friend there.

Suni said...

thanks Jenny, I don't know how much personal stuff the general public could handle!!! :)

Laura said...

I say go for it! Reading your blog is like having a coversation with you, honest and real. Give it a go and if it doesn't seem to be what you want go back to the photography blog.

Crystal Lee Patriarche said...

I think you are so creative and do such cool things - I want to know about decorating and how you found all that cool stuff for your house, the community stuff, and the behind the scenes stuff at your shoots! And of course the photography!!!

Toni McNalley said...

Suni-You have an energy about you that is positive and inspiring. Yes, please blog from the heart, regardless of where that might take you. You make all of us around you feel as though "we are in this together and we can get through this". Who wouldn't want to read stories that made us feel that way? ((hugs))

Jenny Bain said...

Suni, you are amazing in whatever you do. I don't follow many blog, but i would follow yours! :) You can talk about how you body roll in ZUMBA!!!!!!

MAGGIE said...

I agree. I dont really qualify to comment but since you asked me I will. I only read a few blogs and that is only if people link to them on their facebook accounts or twitter accounts. I do love to read yours though, I i k ow you personally and know many of the people you speak of. I think that whatever you choose to speak about, I'd read it. I love your face to pieces and all that you stand for as a Christian and mother/wife. You are gifted in many ways!

Suni said...

You all are sooo encouraging! I'm feeling motivated. And some of you will be helping contribute ideas and be featured bloggers!?? Thanks.

Staci said...

I agree with everyone! I definitely think you have stories that people would like to hear about. I used to be an avid blogger and blog reader. I promise to try and read it if you do it:). Go for it!

marlaodell said...

I also doubt my qualifications to comment on this....I don't read a lot of blogs (mostly because of time) but the ones i do follow have a lot of picutures. That being said I love your casual style of writing and your energy and boldness and I love a good laugh SOOO I say go for it.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely read and share your blog! You are always out doing/learning/sharing something new. I visit other's blogs (ok let's be honest, I have some free time in the winter), but I know about how often they if it's not as often, I catch up weekly. If it's a 'deals blog' I go more often. So, I wouldn't worry about how often you blog, we all know how crazy you are, we just want to read you admitting it :) In all seriousness, I think you would be awesome - between freezer meals, and natural cleaning and photography and fun stories, you clearly wouldn't run out of things to say. I would say follow your heart (and a little bit of your head). If it's something you want to try - we say go for it!!

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