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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm a pioneer, woman.

I do not aspire to be The Pioneer Woman. Though I am a woman, who is a (Mooresville) Pioneer.

 I live on a "farm" as we lovingly refer to it. Though we only have dogs, small vegetable gardens, and a horse (this summer).

btw. This is Mowgli (we name our animals after Disney characters. "Bagheera" met her untimely death last fall. More on that story another day.)
 This is the 'big barn'. We use it mostly for family gatherings, birthday parties and storage for big equipment. Currently it's housing VBS backdrops that are UH-mazing! (more on that another day as well)

We do however, lease out land to a real farmer. They usually plant feed corn which is mostly enjoyed as a barrier around our property in the summer and a maze for my kids in the fall.

this is one of the farmers just moments ago literally in our front yard.

 We've considered chickens. I dry heave a little bit.

 Then I realize I can buy organic eggs and chicken fairly easy 'round these parts.

I enjoy gardening (until it's over 90*).
 I have added to this years' garden, a plan for lettuce, potatoes, cucumbers, parsley, basil, oregano and pole beans. Last year my harvest was mostly cucumber and zucchini.

Rabbits and some type of "blight" I'm told, claimed my tomatoes, strawberries and blueberries.

 I am not a great cook, though I enjoy it (when someone else cleans up after...). Cooking from scratch happens on a rare occasion. baking I love.

I do not hang laundry on a line to dry. That grosses me out. Bugs, allergens and birds freak me out.
(oh and there I am in reflection of the dryer!)

 To sum up...I'm no pioneer woman.


Val said...

Wow Suni!! Looks amazing! Makes me want to live there!

Crystal Lee Patriarche said...

you are the most amazing pioneer woman I know!

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