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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Beier's.

Nope you're not looking at a Gap catalog. This is the Beier family. It's just the way they look. Those blue eyes, blonde hair...ahhh! I could have shot images of these guys ALL DAY...but it was hot and muggy...

This photo shoot was one of "charmed" type of sessions. That are last minute, shoot-from-the-hip, worked out perfect type of deals.

Our family was headed to Chicago to do another pre-planned shoot, go to American Girl, hit up the Lego store, & get in our last summer hoorah. (BTW-my high school English teachers would be so disappointed right now...sorry Mrs. Yoke and Mrs. Yeager!)

We saw each other a few weeks before and I mentioned us coming up. She said she thought they were in town that weekend and the rest as they say...

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