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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I was very much looking forward to shooting again out at the Davee's. They have acres and acres of gorgeous, rolling farm land. Shade trees, barns, cows, a tree swing, a pond, etc. Basically, a photographer's dream...

Not only is the property gorgeous, but the subjects are amazingly natural in front of the camera as you may recall from their shoot last fall. And I am NOT just saying it. Ask my husband. I talk about how I wish Randy's attitude would be more the norm with guys during family shoots.

I also got a special treat when Desi got out her bull, gave a quick "cleaning" with the  shopvac and popped him in to pose with the family for some pictures. To be honest I was more interested in what they do for a living to concentrate on what I was there for. I hope to work with them (the cows) again very soon!

I look forward to many more shoots with this family. Thanks again for a wonderful evening...

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