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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter, Softball, and other random Spring stuff...

These first three are my children Nolan, Delaney and Macina on Easter this year.... This is my mom and dad with my kids at their house...believe it or not-this is as good as a smile gets with Grandpa "G"!
This little boy with Delaney is have probably seen him on here before-If prearranged marriages were legal...well, they arent.
These are just a few from my cousin's softball game last weekend. Hali is a junior now. Stay tuned for some senior pics with her later on...
This is Sami Jo, Hali and Aerial...I coached these girls in 10 and under about 8 years ago. Sami will graduate this year and move on to bigger and better things-I thought I would grab this shot while I had the chance!

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