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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Miss Maggie...

Have you ever seen a more alert baby?
She has honestly been this way since the day she was born! She has the biggest bluest eyes-as you can see. This is my cousin and his wife's first child and she is the sweetest thing. She seems very content nearly all the time and happy to be just "hangin out" with mom and dad. We took these at their home and lots of them were taken in Maggie's nursery.
No proof of Ryan actually changing her diaper, but he did seem to know where the changing table was!
This crib has been through my Aunt Sandy (Grandma), my mom, my other aunt, Ryan (daddy), Me, my brother, Ryan's sister, 4 other first cousins, and 3 other 2nd cousins. My uncle Dave, "Grandfather", and Sandy spent hours refinishing it and it looks as good as it did fifty years ago! What a special gift to share in our family...
and so is Maggie-a special gift for all of us-Thanks Ryan and Carrie for letting me and Macina spend a little bit of your Sunday with us-she is gorgeous!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heaston Boys another year older...

Jackson and Jude have gotten so big since our winter session from last year and obviously so adorable...
Can you believe how cute?
What a beautiful day for a photo shoot in February of all months!
There is nothing I love more than being behind a camera capturing life’s moments - wonderful, funny, messy, precious, indescribable, irreplaceable,memorable moments.